Your Orange County accident injury case can increase in value by filing lawsuit-here’s why.

I explained why my case preparation usually results in good money compensation for my personal injury clients, even without filing a lawsuit, in a separate short ARTICLE on my website.

This article will explain some of the actions you can take if you wish to increase your case value by filing a lawsuit. The reason that doing these things is important is because the defense attorneys will be reporting to the insurance company that it looks to them like you are seriously and correctly preparing your case for trial. This reporting by the defense attorney to the insurance company makes the insurance company concerned that you will bring in a large verdict at trial and cost them more.  The insurance company will then often start raising its settlement offers to try to get the case resolved to your satisfaction before trial. I will list the steps first then give you more detailed information below.

1.  You spend a lot of time with your accident attorney in letting that attorney prepare you properly for your deposition.
2.  You make sure that your accident attorney finds medical experts for your case who have  an excellent medical reputation and also know how to testify properly.
3.  You make sure that you and your accident attorney treat the defense attorney with respect and dignity, even if you sometimes fell they don’t deserve it.

You start with having your accident attorney prepare you properly for your deposition.

1. The at fault party we sue is called a defendant. The defendant’s attorney in a personal injury case is entitled to ask my client questions under oath. This is called a defense deposition.

I spend a lot of time with my clients in preparing them for their depositions by defense counsel.  I explain that their deposition is one of the most important parts of their case.  We have as many visits as are needed to get my client comfortable and knowledgeable so that they can do a good job when testifying.

I know that, by my doing this, the defense attorney will have to send a report to the insurance adjuster after taking my client’s deposition testimony. The report will say that my client is a good witness who is reasonable, honest and well prepared. That will raise the value of my client’s case. Defense attorneys know when an injured person has been well prepared for deposition that it means that the injured person will also testify well at trial and that a jury will like the injured person.  I go with my client to the deposition and make sure that the defense attorney is courteous, civil and asks only reasonable questions of my client.

You find the best medical experts who also know how to testify.

2.  I spend a lot of time in finding good medical and technical experts for my client’s side of the case.  I make sure the experts have copies of every document related to the case so that they are knowledgeable about what the issues are.  Then I meet with the expert and review everything with them, as many times as necessary, to make sure that they are going to do well in their deposition testimony to defense counsel.

I believe that the defense sees that I have all the right experts whose truthful testimony significantly helps my client’s case. This again results in a defense attorney report to the insurance adjuster which raises the value of my client’s case. This makes my cases ones that the defense gets so uncomfortable about they prefer to settle the case rather than spending a small fortune in attorneys fees and costs, as well as risking a big verdict at trial.

You and your attorney treat the defense attorney with dignity and respect.

3. Although I am not afraid to fight for my client, I treat the defense attorney with respect and dignity. You would be surprised at how many defense attorneys who I have treated this way have tried to help me and my client’s case as much as they can, behind the scenes, simply because I treated them as decent human beings.

As a former U.S. Marine I can be as tough as anyone in fighting for my client. If I can treat the defense attorney with respect and dignity and still get a great settlement for my client, however, that seems to me to be the smarter way to do things.

The best guarantee of obtaining a great settlement without trial is to be ready to go to trial.

No one should be afraid to go to trial but why go through a trial if your attorney can get you a great settlement without having to do so. In fact, the best guarantee of not having to go to trial is to show that you have a case that has been well and fully prepared for trial.

Please take a look at what my former clients and their case results say about good preparation leading to great settlements.

I believe that  doing the best case preparation and trial preparation results in excellent settlement money for my clients.  The TESTIMONIALS and CASE RESULTS on my website seem to say that my past clients agree.

Please give me a phone call or an e mail to talk about your case.  You can talk to me for free so you have nothing to lose. Also please don’t forget to order my FREE BOOK 9 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Vehicle Accident Case from my website.

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