You Can Get The Other Person’s Insurance Company To Talk To You After A Car Accident

You’ve been in an accident and you’re trying to contact the insurance company of the person who caused the accident.  That insurance company won’t respond to your calls.  Here is how can you get that insurance company to talk to you.

My name is John Burns and I’m a car accident and personal injury attorney in South Orange County California.  My office is located right where  Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano all come together.

This situation usually occurs when you can’t get a call back within one or two days of an accident.   You’re not feeling well and you’re getting pretty frustrated with the whole process.  Here are some ways to get a call back:

If you have received a letter from the insurance company look for the claim number on it.  Insurance company claims adjusters will not usuall return calls unless you leave a claim number along with your name and phone number. If you get voice mail when you call the insurance adjuster always leave the claim number in addition to your phone number and name with your call back message.

If you still don’t get a call back, talk to anyone you can at the insurance company.  When you speak to them give them the claim number ans see if they wiil give you the name and extension number of the insurance adjuster’s supervisor. Most insurance company representatives will do do if you ask.  Call the adjuster’s supervisor, advise the supervisor of the claim number and advise the supervisor that you have been unable to get a call back from the adjuster.

If none of that works you are probably going to need to get an attorney.  insurance companies will usually answer calls from attorneys before they’ll answer calls from persons who have been involved in the accident.  It’s not right, it’s not fair, but it’s the way it is.

When you sign up with a lawyer and let him or her take care of calling the insurance company, it’s going to make your life a lot easier.  So the answer to your question is that sometimes it’s impossible for a person who’s not an attorney to get an answer from the insurance company and you need to have an attorney call.

If you don’t want to have an attorney you’re just going to have to keep calling and calling, or writing a letter, until you get someone to return your call.  But again, always include the claim number in any communications.

This disrespect from insurance adjusters is the reason that people file lawsuits in these cases a lot of times.  It is just because the insurance company won’t respond to them.  The insurance companies thus often make their own problems.

If you have this problem I can get this resolved for you very quickly.   Please call me if you’re in a situation like that.  My phone number is (949) 496-7000, and my email is  So I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for watching the video.  Have a great day.

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