What You Should Do After a Workplace Accident

man worker with back injury, concept of accident at workEven when employees follow their company’s safety guidelines, accidents can happen. Following your business’ official safety guidelines is important – especially if you sustain an injury as a result of someone else’s carelessness. If you become a victim of a workplace accident, follow these crucial steps to safeguard your physical health and financial livelihood.

Report the accident

Document, document, document! Most employers require the injured party to follow their adopted plan for workplace accidents. Typically, employees must report the incident within a specific time period. Reporting and documenting the injury immediately is important so it cannot be attributed to an accident occurring outside the workplace. Include significant details such as a wet floor or the absence of appropriate safety signs or equipment.

Get medical treatment

Reporting an accident is important – even if you do not believe you are injured. For example, if you slip on the floor in a warehouse, back or neck soreness symptoms may not appear immediately. These types of injuries can become long-term medical issues if not addressed. Seek immediate medical attention for major bleeding, pain or life-threatening injuries. Try to visit your doctor the same day for to address less serious injuries.

Seek the right attorney

Workplace accidents can quickly escalate into a legal battle. People who are injured on the job are often unwilling to settle for less than what they need to cover legal costs and medical expenses. Choose a personal injury attorney with seasoned experience in the prevention of wrongful terminations.


A workplace accident can be a trying time. We understand the difficulty and stresses involved with balancing the compensation you receive with the road to recovery. Our firm has handled hundreds of different types of personal injury cases. Contact our office to ensure an experienced attorney seeks the best possible outcome in your workplace injury case.