What things am I entitled to money or compensation if I was injured in a car accident or other personal injury case?

If injured in a a car accident orr other personal injury case here is  a long list of items you are entitled to mpney for.

If you were injured in an accident through the fault of someone else.  You are entitled to money for

  1. Past medical bills from the accident
  2. Future medical care for injuries from the accident
  3. Lost wages or commissions
  4. Other lost income
  5. Physical pain and suffering
  6. Disability
  7. Emotional pain and suffering
  8. Grief
  9. Loss of sleep
  10. Worry
  11. Interference with activities of daily life
  12. Psychological injuries

My name is John Burns and I’m a car accident and personal injury attorney in South Orange County California.  My office is located right where  Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano all come together.

I handle cases of this nature all the time and I work up the case in terms of getting the documentation to prove these losses of money that you’ve incurred and the pain and suffering that you’ve endured.

We document fully all of your medical bills, your medical records, your lost wages, and we also talk to the insurance company for the other side about how you’ve endured pain and suffering such as the ones I’ve just discussed.  I do this on a regular basis and as part of our standard settlement proceeding, or if necessary, what we’re going to present to a jury at trial. Please take a look at my CLIENT TESTIMONIALS  to see how my clients feel about how I handle cases.

Please call me now to discuss your case.  My phone number is (949) 496-7000, or my email is john@johnburnslaw.com.  Thank you for watching the video.  Have a great day.

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