What Orange County Motorists Should Know about No-Zones

Truck crashes in Orange County can occur without any warning. For example, a driver could be on I-5 in Mission Viejo when a truck switches lanes directly into the individual’s car. When trucks collide with cars, serious injuries and death can result.


One of the reasons for a truck driver steering his rig into your lane is blind spots. Blind spots lead to many truck accidents in Orange County, as well as throughout the nation. Large trucks have big blind spots, which are also known as “No-Zones.”


There are front No-Zones, rear No-Zones, and side No-Zones around a large commercial truck. Because 18-wheelers are large and elevated, they have spots that a truck driver cannot see clearly. These No-Zones are dangerous areas that motorists need to avoid, because they are often where truck accidents are most likely to occur.


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, over 413,000 crashes are caused by blind spots every year, and truck crashes account for a majority of these statistics.


Trucks have the capability of seriously injuring other motorists due to their blind spots, large cargo loads, and weight. Motorists in Southern California need to be extra careful when driving next to or near large commercial trucks.


If you are injured in an Orange County truck crash, do not let the trucker blame you for the accident because you were driving in his blind spot. Talk to an experienced Mission Viejo truck crash attorney as soon as possible to find out your rights. The Law Offices of John P. Burns will provide you with a free, no-obligation legal consultation. Call (877)320-1338 today.

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