What Happens When The Police Writes A Report

Experienced car accident lawyers will tell you how crucial it is to obtain a police report after an auto accident. Once a police officer arrives and decides to write a report, he or she will collect information that is valuable to your insurance claim.  Here’s a few things you can expect when a police officer writes a report.

First, the officer will gather basic information such as names of drivers and passengers, license numbers, and insurance policies. It’s key to get the other driver’s insurance information because they may not contact their own insurance company about the accident.

The officer will also gather statements from you, the other driver, passengers, and any additional witnesses. This is very important because an at-fault driver may try to change their story later by claiming they were not at fault.

The police are also trained to gather physical evidence, such as skid marks or pieces of metal, to determine where the cars made contact.  A car accident lawyer can use experts to analyze the skid marks and determine how fast the at-fault driver was driving at the time of the accident.

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