How to Use Your Phone at an Accident Scene

Car AccidentWhen you get into an accident, the one thing you might grab before leaving your vehicle is your phone. These days, it’s all you need to capture all the information you need to get from an accident scene and more. Your Orange County car accident attorney can tell you more, but these are the basic pieces of information you can get quickly and accurately with your phone:

  • Driver’s license–Photograph the front and back
  • License plates
  • Registration–Photograph front and back.
  • Proof of insurance–Photograph front and back.
  • Accident photos–Get information for your insurance company that wouldn’t be available otherwise.
  • Witness business cards–Track down witnesses that can be helpful to your case.
  • The other driver—Taking a photo of them at the accident scene proves they were driving, and not a friend or family member.

By capturing this information digitally, you can get much more information than writing it down. It’s also safer, since you aren’t standing on the side of a busy road any longer than you have to. You can also text or email it instantly to your insurance agent, and it can’t ever get lost.  It’s also helpful to have additional information if the other party decides to quit cooperating. Then, you’re not dependent on them for important information because you already have it.

Some other smart tips:

  • Download a flashlight app in case you have an accident at night.
  • Make sure your insurance agent’s number is stored in your phone.
  • If your insurance company has an accident app, download it in advance to help your claim go faster.

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