Understanding What’s Behind Orange County Truck Work Zone Accidents

Because our Southern California highway system is aging, there is a need for road maintenance and highway work zones. Although construction work zones disrupt traffic, it is necessary to upgrade our roads for safety purposes.

The men and women who work on the streets and highways repairing the roads are in grave danger because drivers generally do not welcome road construction. Orange cones and road construction means slow traffic and huge delays, especially for truck drivers needing to get to their next destination on time. This translates into aggravation at the wheel.

When truck drivers are upset behind the wheel, others may suffer the consequences of their actions or lack of actions. Because a trucker may be angered with the slow traffic, he may tailgate another vehicle, participate in distracting driving, or not look where he is going.

Anyone of these things can cause another driver to veer off the road, crash into the work zone construction equipment or cause an Orange County crash. Only about 15 percent of work zone fatalities are to the construction crews on the side of the road, and approximately 85 percent of construction zone fatalities affect other motorists and passengers.

Every driver passing through a Southern California work zone should slow down and acknowledge the dangers that construction zones pose, especially truckers. Drivers who ignore speed limits and warning signs should be held accountable for the injuries they cause.

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