Understanding the Dangers of Drowsy Driving

distracted exhausted tired woman driving a car late at nightEvery day, people get behind the wheel in Southern California to commute with little sleep. And before they realize it, their lack of sleep causes a serious car accident with life altering consequences. Believe it or not, drowsy driving is considered a form or impaired driving. Unfortunately, it is something that is routinely overlooked by drivers and safety awareness programs alike.

Understanding the risks of drowsy driving is paramount to reducing the problem. Furthermore, drivers should obtain awareness on how to prevent this behavior before getting behind the wheel.

Knowing the Consequences

The effects of drowsy driving are similar to driving under the influence of alcohol, which can result in much slower reaction times. This makes for an explosive combination when impaired drivers attempt to react to sharing the road with other motorists and unexpected road conditions. Impaired reaction time can also cloud an exhausted driver’s judgment, which can lead to unnecessary road rage incidents and other dangerous circumstances. Studies also show that drowsy drivers are more likely to speed up, slow down, and drive erratically and even dozing off behind the wheel.

Protecting Yourself on the Road

Road safety experts estimate that drowsy driving results in more than 7,000 injuries and takes nearly 1,500 lives each year. Drivers can remedy these statistics by breaking up long road trips with frequent stops to stretch and rest, overnight stays at a hotel, and even simply grabbing a cup of coffee. In addition, drivers should share the driving responsibilities with someone else when tired – especially on long trips. You can also stay more alert by avoiding early morning or late night driving. Lastly, it’s important to watch for the signs of exhaustion before they interfere with your ability to operate your vehicle responsibly.


Before you get behind the wheel, you should think long and hard about driving if you are exhausted. Think of drowsy driving like alcohol consumption – you wouldn’t drive drunk, so why drive tired?

If you or a loved one believes that someone else’s drowsy driving caused your accident, please contact us. Our personal injury attorneys will review your case and help you file a claim to recover the monetary compensation you deserve.