Two Things Needed If You Are Injured in a Hit and Run Car Accident

As car accident attorneys, we handle hit and run cases quite often. We know that, if your car is hit by a hit and run driver, that there are two things needed in order for you to get your medical bills and other losses paid by your own insurance company.

  1. Actual contact between the hit and run vehicle and your vehicle.
  2. You have Uninsured Motorist insurance on your vehicle

Being involved in a car accident is emotionally and physically damaging.  If you’re not at fault and the other driver has insurance, you can file a claim or lawsuit against the person who hit you to recover your economic losses (medical bills, lost wages, etc.) and non-economic losses (pain and suffering, etc.).  What do you do if you are injured and the person at-fault is a hit and run driver who is never identified?

After you have sought medical treatment for your injuries, if the police did not come to the scene of the accident, go to your local police headquarters and file an accident report.  If you’re not severely injured, you may think this is a waste of time   because some injuries may not be obvious, and other damages may not be known at the time. Getting the police report of the accident on the record, however, will ensure you get the compensation you deserve, if possible, further down the road.

Next, if you have uninsured or under-insured motorist insurance, you should file an insurance claim with your insurer.  Uninsured motorist insurance in California covers claims for injuries and losses caused by hit and run drivers.

Under California law this will allow you to recover any bodily injury and/or property damage from your insurance company.  In order for your uninsured motorist insurance to apply, the hit and run vehicle must have made some contact with your vehicle.  Even if only a slight amount, however, should satisfy this rule and make your own insurance company liable for your losses.

If you are injured by a hit-and-run driver in a car accident, it is critical that you consult an experienced car accident attorney.  While you concentrate on healing, we will ensure you get the most compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

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