Torn Rotator Cuffs May Occur in Orange County Car Accidents

Almost everyone has heard of a torn rotator cuff from a baseball injury, but most people do not realize that rotator cuffs can be injured from the impact of a car accident as well. Rotator cuff injuries in Southern California and throughout the nation occur when the shoulder muscles that hold the ball and socket joint in place are torn or weakened.

How can an Orange County car accident result in a torn rotator cuff?

Many different accidents can result in a torn rotator cuff for the driver or passenger, but the most common type of crash associated with a rotator cuff injury is a rear-end accident. Because the occupants in the vehicle hear the sound of squealing brakes and tires before impact, they tend to tense up or lock their arms on the steering wheel or other areas of the car. When this happens, the shoulder absorbs the energy of the impact, which could lead to a rotator cuff injury. This type of shoulder trauma affects the stability of the socket joint.

If a tear occurs, it could be complete or partial, and pain begins immediately following the injury. Other types of shoulder injury that result from car accidents include: shoulder blade break, collarbone break, shoulder dislocation, shoulder blade fracture, collarbone fracture, and fracture of the upper arm bone.

If you injured your shoulder in an Orange County car crash, then you should seek medical attention immediately following the accident. Your doctor may advise you to undergo a rotator cuff repair. However, beware that you risk several occurrences following this type of surgery, including a stiff shoulder, a re-tear, and the inability of raising your arm over your head.

In addition to your injury, you may face the other driver’s insurance company denying your claim. Many insurance adjustors will fight a rotator cuff injury, saying these types of injury occur from repeat motion. They will try to avoid paying you fair compensation for your shoulder injury. You should talk with an experienced Southern California personal injury attorney regarding your case before you speak with the insurance adjustor.

The Law Office of John P. Burns has experience in representing people who have sustained rotator cuff injuries from car accidents. You will need an attorney on your side who understands that a rotator cuff tear can be the result of a traumatic accident such as a car crash in Southern California.

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