Tips for Driving in the Rain

orange county rain, orange county injury attorneyWhen it rains in Orange County, it often means chaos on the roads.  Unfortunately, many people do not take proper precaution to avoid accidents when the roads are wet.  However, there are a few things you can do to help stay safe on the roads and prevent getting into an accident.

Drive the Speed Limit

While you should be driving the speed limit at all times, it’s especially important when it’s raining.  When it rains, the roads become slicker.  If you are driving too fast, it increases the chance of your car losing traction or hydroplaning. Because increased speed can increase your chance of an accident in the rain, freeways can be especially dangerous. If possible, avoid driving on the freeway when it is raining out.

Use Your Headlights

It’s important to use your headlights when you are driving in the rain, even during the day.  Rain can create poor visibility.  Not only does the water make it hard to see, but the clouds make it darker during the day.  Using your headlights makes you more visible to other drivers and allows you to see what is going on in front of your car.  This can make the difference between staying safe and getting in an accident.

Avoid Large Puddles of Water

All too often, large puddles of water form on roads from drains that have been blocked by debris.  Avoid these puddles of water as you do not know what is in them and how deep they are.  If you are driving even at a moderate speed and go through a large puddle, it can make you lose control of your car, causing damage to you and others around you.  When you see one, do your best to safely navigate around it.


Above all else, when you are driving in the rain, be sure to take extra caution and drive defensively.  This will help you avoid getting into a car accident and stay safe.

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