Tips for Buying Safe Toys for Children

The holidays are a festive and fun time of year for most people, especially children. A large part of the holiday season is giving and receiving gifts. However, if you are giving gifts to young children, it’s important that safety is at the top of your list. There are many ways that toys can injure children. Here are a few guidelines to follow in order to find a gift that is safe for a child.

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Bigger is Better

Choking is the number one cause of toy-related death among children. Because of that, it’s important that whatever toy you buy doesn’t contain small pieces. If a piece can fit through a toilet-paper tube, it’s too small for a child under three.

Avoid Balloons

Children should not play with balloons, or with pieces of balloons. If swallowed, they can easily block a child’s airway, causing them to choke and suffocate.

Read Warning Labels

Be sure to read any and all warning labels on toys. Make sure the age of the child you are giving the toy to matches the age recommendation on the toy. Additionally, follow any safety guidelines stated in the instructions of the toy.

Avoid Small Batteries

Anything with a small battery – such as a watch battery or ‘button’ battery – can be dangerous. If swallowed, the battery acid can cause serious harm to a child.

Keep Noise Level Down

Some toys have adjustable noise levels built in to the toy. Children’s ears are very sensitive to noise. If it seems like it is too loud for you, it is definitely too loud for them. Avoid noisy toys altogether, or at very least monitor the level on the toy.

Supervision and Awareness is Important

There are many steps you can take to prevent your gift being dangerous for the child you are purchasing it for. However, there is no way to making any toy completely safe at all times. Children are curious by nature and experience the world with all their senses. Because of this, the best way to keep a child safe is to supervise them when they are playing and be aware of what they are doing and playing with.

When you are purchasing a toy for a child, be sure to follow these steps. In addition, be sure to use common sense in purchasing toys for children. We hope you are able to find safe toys and that the child enjoys them!