Staying Safe During Shorter Days

With fall upon us, the days are getting shorter.   While this can be exciting for some as it signals the holidays approaching, it can also create safety concerns because there is less light throughout the day.

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Here are some things to look out for to stay safe during the fall.


Shorter days mean more people are driving in the dark. This is especially true during December, when the days are the shortest. Often, people are commuting home in the dark. If you are able, try to leave work while it’s still light out in order to have the best visibility.

Otherwise, be extra cautious while you are commuting and take all the normal precautions you normally would while driving in the dark.

Walking, Running and Biking

If you like to workout in the morning before work, there is a good chance you will be in the dark during the winter hours. Because of this, be sure to wear bright, reflective clothing, carry a flashlight or use a headlight on your bike, and be extra cautious.

It’s often difficult for drivers to see pedestrians and bicyclists when it’s dark, so be sure to assume a car doesn’t see you if you are crossing the road.


No one can predict when they might get into an accident or get injured. However, taking extra precaution while you are out and about will help keep you safer.

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