Southern California Car Accidents Contribute to Femur Fractures

The femur bone in a person’s body is one of the strongest bones. It takes a lot of force to break or fracture the femur. Head-on car accidents, high speed motorcycle accidents, and serious truck accidents in Southern California have been known to contribute to femur fractures.

What is a femur fracture?

The femur is typically referred to as the thighbone and extends from the pelvis to the knee joint. A fractured femur means that the thighbone has broken. Because the femur is such a strong bone in the body, a break or fracture creates a serious injury. When a fracture or break occurs, a person will usually feel severe pain and will need medical care and treatment.

What are the symptoms of a fractured femur?

Victims of fractured femurs suffer from severe pain in the leg and thigh. Other common symptoms of broken or fractured femurs include:

  • Swelling
  • Not able to move the leg or hip
  • Deformity of the thigh or leg
  • Impaired circulation and sensation to the leg
  • Bruising of the thigh
  • Unable to bear weight on hip
  • Shock
  • Bleeding from an open wound

What medical care is needed following a fractured femur?

If you have any of the above signs or symptoms following a car wreck in Southern California or anywhere in the nation, then you should seek medical care immediately. Your doctor will need to take an X-ray to determine if a femur fracture did occur and to confirm if surgery is needed.

If the femur was broken, surgery is typically required, which involves placing a metal rod down the center of the thigh bone. During this procedure, the surgeon will use the intramedullary rod to reconnect the ends of the bone around the fractured area. This is the typical treatment for a femoral shaft fracture, and the inserted rod generally stays in the person’s body for life.

If the injury isn’t as severe, a person’s leg may be casted. The process of traction involves the attachment of a cast using sticky tape or a metal pin to a series of strings connected to weights. If this method is used to realign the bone, a person may have to stay in the hospital for a long time before bearing weight and regaining movement.

Femur fractures suffered in a car crash can take up to six months to heal completely. If you are a victim of a car accident and suffered a femoral shaft fracture, then you may be entitled to compensation from the negligent driver. Do not speak with the other driver’s insurance company until you have spoken with an experienced Southern California personal injury attorney. Call Orange County accident attorney John P. Burns at (877) 320-1338 to find out the worth of your case.

Your injuries may require surgery, ongoing physical therapy, and more. Get the financial compensation you deserve by contacting us today. Also, visit our website to request a FREE copy of John Burns’s book,9 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Vehicle Accident Case.


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