School Bus Driver Rear-Ends Car, Injuring a Mission Viejo Woman

A car crash in Mission Viejo that occurred last fall and involved a school bus is being reviewed by the Capistrano Unified School District this month.

According to reports, the accident took place on September 28, 2010 near Capistrano Valley High School, when a school bus rear-ended a vehicle. Michelle Rena Pike, of Mission Viejo, had two children in the car at the time. She said she was stopped on Avery Parkway near Plata Drive when she was hit from behind by the bus. The crash caused her to smash into the car in front of her.

According to reports, Victoria Isch-Hewell, the bus driver, was speeding and caused the accident. There were no details on whether or not students were on the bus at the time of the crash.

Pike is seeking $58,397 from the Capistrano Unified School District for her medical bills, future medical bills, and general damages due to the injuries suffered in this O.C. bus crash.

If the school district denies the claim, then Pike may file a lawsuit. The school board began discussions about the claim at a recent meeting at the district headquarters at 331122 Valle Road, San Juan Capistrano.

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