What to Say When the Other Driver’s Insurance Calls

stressed-employeeAfter an accident, the insurance company representing the other driver will attempt to contact you. You should always contact an attorney after this happens. Here’s a breakdown of what they are looking for when they call.

What you say to the insurance company makes a huge difference, but chances are no one has told you what you should do. First, avoid picking up the phone if possible. Once you fail to answer after they have attempted contact, they will send you a letter telling you to contact them.

If you do call them, they will ask you questions about the accident while they are recording. They will then attempt to use this recording against you. They are hoping they can either persuade you that the accident was entirely or partially your fault, and then use that recording against your insurance company.

So what should you do? Avoid strange calls after an accident—that’s what voicemail is for. Then, trash the letters from the other insurance company. You only need to talk to your insurer. If the other company wants your side of the story, they can also contact your insurer. Here are a few more tips for talking to either insurance company:

  • Stick to the facts. Don’t make small talk or share other details.
  • Do not give out information about your family.
  • Do not give out the names of your doctors.
  • Do not sign a medical release. Your records are protected by federal law.

You can’t lie to either insurance company. But you can control what you say and how much of that ends up incriminating you.

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