Safety Tips for Children Flying Alone

In an ideal world, a parent will always be able to travel with their child. Unfortunately, time and money often prohibit this from happening. This is especially true the older your child is. Whether they are flying to see family, going to a sports camp or tournament, or attending a scholastic event, there are many times when a child might need to fly alone. Traveling alone can be stressful, even for adults, so we put together a few tips to help your child feel prepared and stay safe.

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Review the Plan

Before you leave the house, sit down with your child and go over the plan with them. Make sure they understand the flight itinerary and who is going to be picking them up from the airport when they arrive. Additionally, if there are layovers, prepare them for what to expect. Lastly, print off pictures of whom they are supposed to meet so they can be sure they are meeting the right people.

Give them a Cell Phone

Most children know how to use a cell phone, and a lot of them have one already. If they don’t have one, be sure to give them one while they travel. This will ensure they can dial you at any time if they have questions or need something. Additionally, this will help them be able to communicate directly with the party picking them up. Be sure to load the phone with the appropriate contacts and also to charge it completely before they leave.

Let Them Know They have a Voice

It’s important that your child feels comfortable telling someone if something isn’t right. Although an airline attendant will assist them in getting checked in and get them to their seat, they won’t be spending every second with them. Because of this, it’s important that your child knows he or she should speak up if they feel uncomfortable. If they are tall enough, teach them to use the call button to get the attendants attention if something is wrong.

Preparing your child for flying alone will help feel more comfortable while they travel and minimize the risk of injury. Although it’s impossible to eliminate the chance of injury, making sure they are prepared will help significantly.

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