Safety Gear Can Help Protect Against Lower Extremity Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

Some people ride motorcycles for pleasure, while others use them as a cheaper commuting work Many people just like the benefits of getting great fuel efficiency. Whatever their reasons are for riding motorcyclesRegardless of reasons for riding, studies indicate that motorcyclists have higher chances for injuries and death than drivers of automobiles. Some of the most common injuries thatmotorcyclists sustain are to the lower extremities.

Lower Extremity Injuries

According to the 2008 study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the majority of injuries that motorcyclists sustain in non-fatal crashes are to their lower extremities. The lower extremity region includes the ankles, feet, legs, thighs, knees, and pelvis. The second most-injured area is the upper extremities, which includes the head, arms, hands, and chest.

Most commonly injured in lower extremity injuries is the s leg area, which includes bone fractures and ankle injuries. The study indicates that the reason this area is most frequently injured is because of the location of the rider’s feet in relation to the ground.

Get the Right Safety Gear

In order for motorcycle riders to prevent serious ankle, feet, and leg injuries, they should invest in the correct safety gear. Leather motorcycle boots can help prevent road burns and provide protection in the event of an Orange County motorcycle crash. These boots are designed with the motorcyclist’s specific needs in mind. Other protective gear should be worn as well, including a leather jacket, helmet, and leg protection.

Unfortunately, serious injuries to the legs, feet, and ankles can still occur for a rider equipped with protective gear. Such injuries can lead to surgeries and months of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

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