Report Plus Free Book on How a Car, Truck or Cycle Accident Injury Case Works

This report will give you a general idea of how a car, truck or cycle accident case works. By clicking on this book link you can also order a free copy of my book, 9 MISTAKES THAT CAN RUIN YOUR CALIFORNIA VEHICLE ACCIDENT CASE.  The book will give you even more information about how car, truck and cycle accidents work.

My name is John Burns and I’m a car accident and personal injury attorney in South Orange County California.  My office is located right where  Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel and San Juan Capistrano all come together.

There are three main parts to a car accident case.

  1. The first thing that needs to be determined is whether or not the other driver was at fault in the case. If the police report finds the other driver at fault, or the other driver admits fault to his or her insurance company, that usually takes care of the fault part of the case. If more than one other driver was at fault then the amount of money each insurance company owes must be apportioned between those insurance companies.
  2. The next thing is to make sure there is a source of payment for your injuries, medical bills and pain and suffering. It is necessary to make sure that the other person had insurance, or you had uninsured motorist coverage on your own insurance policy, to make sure there will be assets to pay your claim or court judgment against the at fault driver or drivers.
  3. The last thing that is necessary is to determine the nature and extent of your injuries. That’s done by obtaining the records from the ambulance, the emergency room personnel, the hospital, your treating physician, or any other healthcare providers. The bills are then organized and the complete package is ready to submit for settlement to the insurance company for the at fault driver on your case.

I handle these car, truck and cycle accidents all the time. Please call me and talk to me about your case.

My phone number is (949) 496-7000, and my email is  I’m sure we can help you with your questions about your auto injury accident case.

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