Poor Truck Maintenance May Be to Blame for Your OC Accident

The costs of new tires, brakes, and preventative care can add up quickly, but any car owner knows how essential these items are for keeping a car running and working properly. Although most people do not like to spend money on car maintenance, it is important for our roadway safety.

The same can be said for large semi trucks. In fact, continued maintenance is critical for the safety of truckers and other innocent motorists sharing the road with these large trucks.

If a truck driver or trucking company fails to care for a tractor trailer or puts dangerous trucks on the road, then the truck driver or company could be held liable for Southern California truck accidents and injuries. Although it seems like a trucking company would keep up with the scheduled maintenance on its trucks to prevent liability, many truckers or trucking companies do not want to spend the money on the cost of maintenance.

In addition, it costs truck companies money to take a truck off of the road for maintenance. If a truck is not driving to the next destination to deliver or pick up goods, then the truck company may view that as wasted time and money.

Although truck maintenance can be expensive, it also can be financially beneficial for a company in the long run, since maintenance helps with avoiding accidents and keeping a truck on the roads longer. When a large truck receives the proper maintenance, it can prevent brake failure, tire blowouts, axle damage, transmission and engine failure, as well as Orange County truck crashes.

Poor maintenance has led to many truck wrecks and serious injuries throughout the years. When an unmaintained truck is driven on our Southern California highways, it can put all motorists around that truck at risk for truck accidents and injuries. Poorly maintained trucks that crash into cars can cause serious physical injuries, internal injuries, and even death.

If a truck company has not properly maintained an 18-wheeler and a truck accident occurs as a result, the company may be liable for your injuries. For more information about your rights to financial compensation after your wreck, call a skilled Orange County truck accident attorney today.

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