Peg Garrison Testimonial

We were recently able to help a client of ours, Peg Garrison, receive a settlement on her case after she was rear ended while stopped at a light.  She suffered a severe concussion as well as had many complications with her neck, back and shoulder as a result of the accident.  In addition, she had to have surgery on her wrist because of the accident.

orange county personal injury lawyer, john burns lawUnfortunately, the other driver only had the minimum amount of insurance coverage required by California, $15,000.  This was not enough to cover the damages to her car and the medical bills as a result of the accident.

Fortunately, Ms. Garrison had purchased uninsured motorist insurance.  This also covers under-insured motorists.  Because of this, we were able to reach a settlement with the insurance company to compensate her for her injuries.

Please watch this video to learn more:

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