Part #2 of Why It’s Important for You To Get A Car Accident Traffic Colllision Report

This is part two of my previous Article Why It’s Important for You To Get A Car Accident Traffic Colllision Report.
Here is part two.

Find The Information That Would Go Into A Traffic Collision Report

if you have been in a car accident and the police do not come to the scene, you are going to have to shake off the effects of the accident long enough to do the following.

  1. Write down the license plate numbers of all vehicles in the collision. In cases where the other drivers are unwilling or unable to talk to you, this may be all the information that you can obtain. Even if that is all you can obtain, it will later be possible to find the registered owners of the vehicles and thus provide the information needed for your claim.
  2. If you can, however, try to get the name, address and phone number of every other driver in the collision. Do the same for all their passengers or witnesses not in one of the vehicles. Also, ask the other drivers to exchange driver’s licenses so that you and they can each write down the driver’s licenses of all the drivers in the collision.
  3. Obtain the name and policy number of the insurance company for each of the drivers.  Ask to see a copy of the proof of insurance of each driver to make sure he or she actually has automobile insurance. Check the dates of coverage to make sure that the insurance is still in effect on the date of the accident.  Be sure to write down the other person’s insurance policy number.
  4. Be careful in taking down the policy numbers.  If you misreport even one digit of the policy number, it may become very difficult to track the insurance information down.
  5. Some people carry inexpensive digital cameras in their car just in case of an accident. If you have a camera in your vehicle, or a cell phone with a camera in it, take photos of the license plate numbers and visible damage to all the vehicles.   The photos may prove very valuable to you later.

A motor vehicle accident can be a terrifying experience and the aftermath is often just as difficult. I hope that you are never in such an accident and that you are never injured.  However, if it does happen to you, you should try to obtain a police Traffic Collision Report.

If you do, you will see that it was a good idea to ask the police to come to the accident scene and provide you with the report that will become so important for you and your case afterward.

Whatever else you do in regard to your accident, please feel free to call me to discuss it and any concerns you may have.

Part one of this report is located at Pt # 1- Mission Viejo Car Accident Attorney | Call For Police Traffic Collision Report.

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