On Monday, June 20, 2011, a motorcycle rider was involved in an Orange County crash with a sports utility vehicle. This Anaheim motorcycle accident took place around 10:23 a.m., and Anaheim officials indicated that it occurred at 1617 East Ball Road.

The motorcycle rider was driving a Harley Davidson when he was hit by a Toyota RAV4. An Anaheim police officer indicated that the RAV4 switched lanes from the center lane to the right lane, where the motorcycle was traveling. The RAV4 was heading westbound on Ball Road when it struck the motorcycle.

The motorcycle rider was thrown off his bike, which was found in the driveway of the North Orange County ROP Career & Technical campus. The motorcycle rider was seriously injured and taken to UCI Medical Center, according to a MetroNet fire dispatch report. However, what type of injuries he sustained and his current medical condition remain unknown at this time.

The driver and the passenger of the RAV4 pulled over and waited for police to arrive to the scene.

The police are still investigating this accident, but no charges have been made.

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