Mission Viejo area attorney and lawyer tells the story about three car and motorcycle accidents that have happened in the OC in just the first two days of the Labor Day weekend. At the end of this news post you will find links to articles and videos by attorney John P. Burns on What To Do If You Have Been In a Car Accident, Why You Should See a Doctor As Soon As Possible After an Accident and How To Get Medical Care After An Accident If You Do Not Have Medical Insurance.

1.     Friday September 2, 2011 – 57 Freeway near E. Bastanchury Road
A woman driving a Mazda 3 Sedan was rear ended by a truck on the 57 Freeway just to the North of East Bastanchury Road.  The accident involved her car, two SUV’s and three trucks.  The rear end of the lady’s Mazda was crushed so badly that the trunk at the back of her car was in the rear seat of her car.  The back of the woman’s Mazda looked like a sardine can that someone had opened with a twist opener.  The lady who was drivng the Mazda had to be taken to the hospital.

2.     Saturday, September 3, 2011- A Honda CBR motorcycle tried to pass a truck on the south bound Santiago Canyon Road  The motorcycle moved into a bike lane which is there and hit the road curb on the right shoulder of the road. The motorcycle driver’s bike ended up going over a fence and went down a hill.  The driver of the motorcycle was also taken to a local hospital.

3.     Saturday, September 3, 2011 –  A SUV going North on the 405 Freeway near McFadden Street rolled over on the 405 Freeway. The accident was so severe that the California Highway Patrol had to close all lanes in both directions, leaving only one car pool lane open in each direction for traffic to try to get through.  The freeway needed to be closed so that the CHP could have a medical evacuation helicopter brought in to do a medical evacuation of the SUV driver to a local hospital.

We hope for the well being and safety of all those involved in these accidents.   Hopefully, they were evaluated, treated and released from the hospitals they were taken to.

Here are some links to three articles with accompanying videos about What to Do If You Are In A Car Accident,  Why It Is Important to See A Doctor Right After an Accident.  The article on Why It Is Important to See a Doctor Right After An Accident has a video running with it entitled How To Get Medical Care After An Accident If You Don’t Have Health Insurance.

I hope the articles and videos help explain the answers to your questions about these matters.

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