My cases always seem to result in good settlements for my clients.  I rarely seem to have to try a case.  I finally figured out that it was due to my way of preparing the cases.
I over prepare my cases in general and for trial in particular.  I beleive that the defense sees that I have all the right experts  all saying the right things when they are questioned.  This makes my cases ones that the defense gets so uncomfortable about they prefer to settle the case than risk a problem at trial.
This habit of over preparing comes easily to me.  I simply assume that every case could be the one that the insurance company and their defense attorneys are going to call me out on.  Accordingly, I just start ptrparing the case for trial when it comes in to my office.  I don’t prepare the case just for settlement. Here is part of what I do:
1. I spend a lot of time with clients in preparing them for their depositions by defense counsel.  I explain that their deposition is one of the most important parts of their case.  We have as many visits as are needed to get my client comfortable and knowlegable so that they can do a good job when testifying.  I know that, by my doing this, the defense attorney will have to send a report to the insurance adjuster after taking my client’s testimony that will raise the value of my client’s case.
2.  I spend a lot of time in finding good medical and technical experts for my client’s side of the case.  I make sure the experts have copies of every document related to the case so that they are knowedgable about what the issues are.  Then I meet with the expert and review everything with them, as many times as necessary, to make sure that they are going to do well in their testimony to defense counsel.  This again results in a defense attorney report to the insurance adjuster which raises the value of my clients case.
3.  I treat the defense attorney with respect and dignity.  You would be surprised at how many defense attorneys have tried to help me and my client’s case, behind the scenes, simply because I treated them as decent human beings.
There is much more to what I do but those are some of the big items.
I beleive that  doing the best trial preparation job I can results in excellent settlement offers for my clients.
The TESTIMONIALS and CASE RESULTS  from my former clients seem to say that my past clients agree.
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