Orange County Accident Lawyer Uses Images to Win Large Verdict

On November 16, 2012, Orange County Accident Lawyer John P. Burns won a case in which his client had only $1,800.00 in damage to the client’s car.  This type of case usually results in a verdict for the defense.

The case was won, in part, by taking important photos dueing the repair of the client’s car to demonstrate internal damage to the vehicle.

In addition, attorney Burns took photos of the client’s MRI films so that his client’s medical expert could show the jury the disc protrusion which was pressing on the client’s spinal cord.

Mr. Burns also took and showed the jury a photo of the client undeergoing pain management injections with a large needle being inserted into the client’s neck.

The jury found for Mr Burns’ client and awarded a significant verdict in the client’s favor. It is believed that the images used by Mr. Burns dueing the trial played a major part in the winningof the case.  Follow this link to read the complete STORY and see the images used at trial..


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