Orange County Accident Lawyer and Client Become Friends after Case

Orange County – Mission Viejo accident lawyer John P. Burns recently settled a personal injury case for his client named Greg D.  The client was injured in a rear end collision which caused Greg’s car to be declared a total loss.  Greg had pre-existing spinal disc bulges which the accident aggravated.  The accident also caused new injuries to Greg.   Mission Viejo Orange County accident lawyer John P. Burns obtained the policy limits from the driver who caused the accident and then obtained the remaining policy limits from Greg’s own auto insurance company.  Greg ended up becoming a friend of John’s and was so appreciative he made special VIDEO and WRITTEN testimonials for John.

Greg was slowing in traffic on the I 5 Freeway in San Diego County.  His car was rear ended by a car going approximately 70 miles per hour.  The whole rear end of Greg’s car was demolished and the bumper of Greg’s car was found lying on the freeway.  Greg’s car was declared a total loss.

Greg had pre-existing spinal disc protrusions from his time In the U.S Marines Special Forces.  He also rode horses competitively in cattle herding competitions.   The accident aggravated his pre-existing spinal disc protrusions and caused new injuries.

Orange County accident lawyer John P. Burns filed suit against the driver who caused the collision.   That driver’s insurance company paid its insured’s policy limits immediately.  Mr. Burns then filed a claim against Greg’s own insurance company for Greg’s under insured motorist policy benefits.   Greg’s own insurance company then paid Greg the amount remaining in his own under insured motorist policy.

During this process Greg and John Burns found that they had many interests in common.   John Burns is also a former U.S. Marine.  In addition, Greg has expertise in internet writing and marketing which John is also very interested in.  By the end of the case John and Greg had become more than lawyer and client. They had become good friends.  Greg was also so appreciative of John’s work he gave John bothVIDEO and WRITTEN testimonials.


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