O.C. Motorcycle Officer and IRS Agent Collide on a Santa Ana Street

On October 26, 2010, a Santa Ana accident took place when a car and motorcycle collided on Main Street at 15th Street. This Tuesday crash occurred around 3:15 p.m. and involved a Santa Ana police officer and IRS agent.

The police officer was riding her motorcycle southbound on Main Street when a car driving eastbound on 15th Street hit her. Reports show that the driver of the car, a male IRS agent, pulled out in front of the motorcycle officer. However, it remains unknown if the IRS agent was turning onto Main Street or continuing straight on 15th Street. The intersection requires the vehicles heading on 15th Street to stop at the stop signs. However, Main Street does not have a stop sign.

The police officer was thrown off her bike and over the vehicle. Initial reports show that she injured her wrist and back and broke some teeth. She was transported to a local trauma center and noted to be in serious yet stable condition.

Police indicated that the IRS agent most likely didn’t see the officer. They stated that he has been helpful in this matter and most likely will not be arrested.

The names of the police officer and IRS agent have not been released. The police officer has been working in the Santa Ana police department for the last eight years.

We wish the officer involved in this Santa Ana car crash a quick and full recovery.


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