Most people never plan on getting in a car accident, let alone one that could leave them injured or in severe pain for life. People who get rear-ended at high speeds often suffer from whiplash, severe neck and back injuries, herniated disc, and spinal cord injury. Those involved in rollover crashes have a higher risk of a crushed neck or crushed bones in their spines. Unfortunately, spinal injuries are common yet severe injuries that result from serious impacts.

The injuries mentioned above require medical attention and treatment. After a Southern California car accident, the victim absolutely needs to see a doctor. If the victim experiences back or neck pain, he should see a back specialist. Many times, a herniated disc causes back pain and requires the victim to undergo spinal fusion surgery.

What is spinal fusion surgery?

Spinal fusion surgery is typically a doctor’s last resort after exhausting all other possible options. After taking a CT scan and MRI tests,are taken, the doctor will probably schedule a diskogram, during which dye gets injected into the spinal column. This allows the doctor to see firsthand where the pain originates.

Spinal fusion surgery will be recommended if there is motion between segments of the spine or if herniated discs are causing severe back pain. The surgery connects two or more vertebrae together with bone grafts using screws and metal plates. The result is typically a straighter spinal column that allows the spine to grow naturally and support one’s body weight.

The Risks of Spinal Fusion Surgery

With every surgery there are possible risks involved. Spinal fusion is permanent and lessens mobility. However, it does not always take away the pain. This surgery can result in chronic pain, requiring a second surgery. Sadly, spinal injuries can create a lifetime of severe pain and a need for long-term medical treatment. Risks of spinal fusion surgery include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Nerve injury
  • Negative response to the graft
  • Infection

Make sure your medical concerns, pain, and issues are documented and that you are seeking medical attention. This will help your legal case if you decide to pursue compensation from the negligent party. If you or a loved one has suffered from a spinal injury caused by a negligent driver, then contact an experienced Orange County personal injury attorney. You will be able to get your legal questions answered, and you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries.

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