Negligent Truck Drivers Responsible for Orange County Truck Crashes

If drivers get behind the wheel when feeling drowsy, intoxicated, distracted, inattentive, or aggressive, serious Orange County car crashes can occur. The same can be said for truck drivers who participate in these types of behaviors. In fact, when truck drivers engage in these types of negligent driving behaviors, fatal truck crashes in Orange County often result.

Truckers Driving Under the Influence

Most people know when they should not get behind the wheel. If truck drivers have taken drugs or consumed too much alcohol, it is illegal for them to drive a semi truck. This should also be common sense to the operator of a tractor-trailer, as driving an 8,000 pound vehicle under such conditions may lead to a car and truck crash.

Truck Drivers Often Do Not Take Mandatory Breaks

A truck driver who has driven too long without taking a proper break risks falling asleep at the wheel. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a truck driver must follow certain rules in order to lessen the chances of crashing due to drowsy driving.

Negligent Truck Drivers Can Cause Severe Crashes and Injuries

It is fundamentally wrong when truck drivers continue to operate their semi trucks under impaired conditions. Negligent driving behaviors can lead to severe truck wrecks and cause catastrophic injuries. Typically, occupants of cars are the ones who suffer in Orange County truck crashes .

When a negligent truck driver injures you or a family member, you should not have to be stuck with medical bills or lost income. The accident was not your fault, so the negligent truck driver should be held liable. Call an Orange County truck crash lawyer who can stand up to the insurance and truck companies and help you recover damages.

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