Move Over: The Importance of Vehicles Sharing the Road with Bicycles

Because of our gorgeous weather in Southern California, many cyclists take to the streets for sport, leisure, or commuting. In California, bicycle riders have the same rules of the road as drivers. However, sometimes motorists do not look out for bicycle riders, do not see them, or don’t understand where bicyclists are allowed to ride.

All motorists need to share the road and watch out for one another. Bicycles are allowed on the road, as long as they are going in the same direction as the traffic. Even though bicycles are allowed on the street with vehicles, Southern California roads and drivers can present dangers to cyclists, including:

  • Heavy traffic
  • Uneven roads, potholes, road hazards
  • Distracted and negligent drivers
  • Not enough bike lanes

A bicycle accident in Orange County usually occurs because a vehicle driver does not see the bicycle, does not leave enough room to pass the cyclist, or has distracted driving behaviors.

Nothing protects a bicycle rider from the force of an impact with a car, so Southern California bicycle and car crashes can lead to serious injuries. These can include head injuries, paralysis, internal injuries, and even death.

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