Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips

motorcycle safety tips, motorcycle attorney orange county, motorcycle accident lawyer orange countyAs a motorcycle rider, the moment you bring a passenger with you on your bike you are responsible for your passenger’s safety. Every decision you make during the ride affects the safety of the passenger riding with you. There is a serious amount of skill and control that is involved with any motorcycle riding. It can be dangerous and potentially life-threatening to bring another passenger along if you are not completely confident in your riding abilities. Before hitting the busy road, make sure you have experience riding with another passenger. To decrease some of the potential risk, and to responsibly ride with a passenger, make sure you are aware of the dangers and are knowledgeable about these motorcycle safety tips.

Hold On

During the ride, you will naturally accelerate and stop quickly. To ensure the most security and to make your passenger feel the most comfortable, encourage them to hold on tight. While this may feel a bit restricting to you as the driver, it will create more stability and will be safer for your passenger. They will be less likely to bump into you when you stop and will feel more comfortable when you take off quickly.

Feet Up

Before taking off, instruct your rider to keep their feet firmly on the foot pegs at all times. It will be a natural instinct for them to relax their legs and take their feet off the bike when it is stopped. Doing this can throw the bike off balance as the bike is most vulnerable when stopped. Let your passenger know that once the trip is over you will assist them in dismounting off the bike.

Lean In

Learning to turn on a motorcycle is one of the most important parts of driving with a passenger. Inexperienced riders tend to lean the opposite direction you are turning which can result in a potential accident at a high speed. Teach your passenger to stay as straight as they can as you are turning and to not be afraid of falling off of the bike. Communicating with your passenger and educating them on simple riding techniques will make for a safer and easier ride for both of you.

Agree on Hand Signals

Simple hand signals will make it easier to communicate with your passenger during the drive when it is difficult to hear one another. Agree on a handle signal for situations such as pull over, slow down, I’m good, etc. This will make you feel confident as the driver that your passenger is comfortable and feels safe on the back of your bike.

As the owner and driver of the motorcycle, you are responsible for what happens during the duration of the ride. If you decide to take the risk of riding with a passenger, you are liable for any potential accidents that could take place. If you have any questions about motorcycles or any accidents, please give me a call at 949-496-7000. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.