Mission Viejo Car Accident Lawyer | Why Need Attorney to Handle Your Injury Case

In a case where all you are dealing with is damage to your vehicle it is generally ok for you to handle the case yourself.

If you have suffered any injuries, however, the reasons why you need an attorney are as follows:
Why You Need an Attorney If You Have Suffered Personal Injuries.

In an injury case, you are playing in a ballgame where the other side knows all the rules and you know very few of them.  The insurance adjusters who do this for a living know how to really play games with you, do things that you don’t understand, and do things that are not in your best interest financially.  My advice to anybody who’s injured in an accident in California is that you definitely have an attorney take care of it for you.
Usually the attorney will get more money than you’d be able to get on your own, even with you paying attorney’s fees. This is because the attorney knows how to handle the case and not to fall for the tricks that the insurance adjusters will try on you.
Here are some of the tricks that an adjuster will use against someone handling their own case if personal injuries are involved.

The Untrue Things the Insurance Adjuster Will Tell You

  1. The adjuster may tell you that they won’t pay your claim unless you give them a recorded statement.
  2. The adjuster may tell you that your claim can not be paid unless you give the adjuster written authorizations for the adjuster to obtain you medical and employment records.
  3. The adjuster may tell you that you have to be seen by a doctor on the insurance company payroll for an examination and that your claim can’t be paid without your doing so.
  4. The adjuster may tell you that your medical bills will all be paid as you incur them.

What the Truth Is

The truth is that you are entitled to be paid for your claim without agreeing to any of those things. The adjuster is not being completely honest with you. If you have a personal injury lawyer that lawyer will tell the adjuster the following:

What Your Lawyer Will Tell the Adjuster

That the adjuster has no right to a recorded statement and must pay the claim even if none is given.

  1. That you are not required to give a recorded statement to the insurance company of the person who caused the accident.
  2. That the adjuster has no right to authorizations for release of your personal medical and employment records and must pay the claim even you refuse to give the adjuster such an authorization.
  3. That the adjuster must pay your medical bills at the end of your treatment.
  4. That if you don’t have medical insurance the attorney will find you doctors who will treat you and wait until the end of your treatment to be paid.
  5. That you do not have to be seen by a doctor on the insurance company payroll for an examination.

Other Insurance Adjuster Tricks That Your Lawyer Will Keep from Happening

There are many other ways that having an attorney handle your claim if you have been injured is a good idea. The personal injury attorney will tell the adjuster no for you but still usually handle the case in such a manner that you will get a good settlement for your injuries.


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