Mission Viejo car accident attorney explains what a shoulder labrum tear is.

You have been in a car accident in Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano or some other location in South Orange County. You have been told you have a torn labrum in your shoulder.

What is a shoulder labrum and what is a labrum tear?

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Here is the answer to your question.

Torn shoulder labrums occur quite frequently in car accidents or other personal injury cases.  To begin with you need to know what the labrum of your shoulder is.

The labrum is an oval band of flesh located where the upper arm fits into the shoulder. It is somewhat oval and elongated in shape.  The full name of the labrum is actually the Glenoid Labrum. Here is an illustrations of what it looks like in a non injured condition.

The trauma of a car accident or other personal injury can tear a portion of the labrum. This usually results in pain, discomfort loss of strength and loss of full range of motion.


Treatment usually consists of pain and anti-inflamatory medication. Physical therapy is usually also prescribed. If those treatments do not resolve the problem arthroscopic surgery is usually required.

Repair of the Labrum

The surgical repair of the labrum tear is called a capsulorraphy.  It consists of the surgeon making incisions and repairing the inside of the labrum with stitches.

Sometimes the surgeon will also find that a debridement procedure is also called for.  The surgeon performing a debridement cuts away any tissue that has become frayed in the car accident or other personal injury.

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