Man Dies After Hit and Run in Laguna Niguel

A man was found lying in the crosswalk at the intersection of Marina Hills and Golden Lantern at approximately 4 in the morning Friday. The man found on the ground passed away from his injuries at the hospital later. A spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department said there was a skateboard discovered near the accident site.

A representative of the Sheriff’s Department said the car involved in the accident was discovered near the accident scene but the driver was not in it. The driver has not yet been located.

The car was a black 1998 Nissan Maxima and the registration indicates it is owned by a Dana Point resident, it is not known if the owner was the driver of the car.

When the driver is found he or she will be facing possible criminal charges for hit and run as well as for a homicide. The driver may also be liable in a civil wrongful death action for negligence plus possible punitive financial damages for wanton, malicious despicable conduct.

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