Laguna Niguel Area Car Accident Attorney Video – How Long Does A Case Take?

Laguna Niguel area car accident and personal injury attorney John P. Burns posted a new video to his website.  It is called How Long Does a Typical Personal Injury Motor Vehicle Accident Case Take.  The video talks about the factors which determine how long your personal injury motor vehicle accident case will take to settle.

In the video attorney John Burns talks about how the personal injury or car accident lawyer must wait until your doctors advise him that you have finished treating before he can settle your case for you.  car acciden tillustration

Here are some of the reasons Mr. Burns gives for not settling your case too soon.

  • Mr. Burns has to wait for your medical doctor or chiropractor to give a prognosis, also known as a forecast, as to whether or not you have recovered completely
  • It is also necessary to know from your physicians what future medical care you might need so that can be included in your settlement.
  • Mr. Burns points out that it would not be good to settle your case,  sign a release for the insurance company and then you can’t get out of bed the next day.

Soft Tissue Cases

Mr. Burns does say that, for a soft tissue injury case involving strains or sprains of the neck or back with no fractures or other complications, the case should take from three to three and one half months.  He does caution, however, that each case is different and that the length of your case depends entirely on what your doctors say about your course of treatment, recovery and any future medical care you will need.


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