Justin Bieber’s Illegally Tinted Car Windows-What do You Think?

In an interview before his death, Michael Jackson said he dreamed up his hit song “Billie Jean” as he was driving down Ventura Blvd in Los Angles. Perhaps Justin Bieber was thinking about a new song as he drove down Ventura Boulevard last Friday with his security detail following. Justin apparently did not notice that his security detail was driving recklessly behind him. The CHP, however, noticed that Justin’s security team was driving very aggressively in the traffic.

The CHP pulled up to see what was happening and noticed that Justin’s car window had tinted glass. Having tinted glass on the windshield, front driver’s and front seat passenger’s windows is illegal in California.

The CHP pulled Justin over.  As the CHP officer was talking to Justin, cars carrying paparazzi came rolling into the intersection and two of them crashed into each other.

More details about this event and other stops of Justin by highway patrol officers are discussed in my recent article Justin Bieber’s Illegal Car Windows Causes Crash-OC Accident Lawyer.

Justin has been pulled over quite often in the past by CHP and other highway patrol officers. He seems to be a Highway Patrol Magnet.

I don’t think that Justin should be blamed for the two paparazzi running into each other. On the other hand, if he had followed the California law prohibiting tinted front windows the accident involving the paparazzi probably would not have happened.

What do you think about the California law on no window tinting? Do you think that the CHP was unreasonable in pulling Justin over at the time they did? What do you think of Justin’s driving safety in general? Who do you think should take the blame for the paparazzi collision that happened? Please let me know your thoughts.

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