Justin Bieber’s Illegal Car Windows Causes Crash-OC Accident Lawyer

Famous singer Justin Bieber has experienced problems with the California Highway Patrol again.
On the Friday of Labor Day weekend, 2012, Justin was driving a Fisker Karma vehicle, worth over one hundred thousand dollars, in Los Angeles.

Justin’s security team, following him in their Nissan, was spotted by the CHP driving too closely and aggressively. The security team was apparently trying to stay close to Justin’s car on Ventura Boulevard.

As the CHP officers were watching Justin’s security team the officers also saw that Justin’s vehicle had tinted windows on the windshield and/or driver and right seat passenger’s windows. It is illegal in California to have those windows tinted.  Neither the windshield, driver’s side window or the front seat passenger’s window may have aftermarket tinting on them says the California Highway Patrol.

After the CHP pulled Justin over media photographers poured into the intersection. This resulted in two of the paparazzi crashing into each other. No one was given a ticket for the accident.

In October 2011 Justin was stopped by a CHP officer after Justin cut off a Los Angeles patrolman.  At that time Justin was driving one of three cars following each other.

Entertainer Sean Kingston, a friend of Justin’s, was driving a Rolls Royce in the three car caravan. In that case the CHP officer gave Justin just a warning for cutting off the LA Patrolman.

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