José Castañeda Testimonial

Last month, we were honored when one of our clients volunteered to be interviewed for a video. José Castañeda was injured badly when his car was rear-ended on his way home from a business meeting. Mr. Castañeda sustained injuries on his head, neck, shoulder and especially his hand all along his left hand side

After the accident, he didn’t know what to do and was left dealing with the insurance company on his own. The insurance company was “trying to throw crumbs” at him and was not working with him.

At this point, he decided to seek out legal advice and was referred to us by a good friend of his. In the video, Mr. Castañeda states “From the beginning, they treated me like family.” He also said that he felt secure and in good hands and that we took care of all the details to get his car fixed and injuries treated.

We were able to achieve a sizeable settlement for Mr. Castañeda. He states the settlement was “way beyond what I expected.”

Mr. Castañeda finished with “I don’t refer people that easy, I don’t do testimonials that easy. I only do it when somebody deserves it, when someone goes beyond their call of duty. They really, really take the time, energy and effort to provide you the service you are looking for.”

It was a pleasure helping José Castañeda get the compensation he deserved for his car and for his medical treatment. We were happy with the settlement we achieved for him and are grateful that he was willing to share his experience on video.