Is the Government Responsible for your Orange County Bike Accident?

When an Orange County bicycle accident occurs due to a road hazard or pothole, a likely responsible party may be the state, city, county, or government agency, like Caltrans. In other words, the responsible party is the one who maintains the road where the pothole accident occurred.

Because bicycles are more prone to crash when there are road hazards or abrupt changes in the road, their thin tires can get caught on potholes and cause a cyclist to:

  • Fall
  • Lose control of the bike
  • Get thrown from the bicycle
  • Veer into the path of a car
  • Get run over by a passing vehicle


Anyone of these things can cause serious injuries in which you might need compensation for medical bills, physical therapy, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. You may be able to hold the government responsible for your Orange County bicycle crash.

However, liability may depend on if you can prove that the agency responsible for maintaining the road did not prevent the problem, did not fix the road pothole correctly the first time or did not warn motorists.

If the city or other government agency knew about the pothole and did not fix it or warn motorists of the dangers, then they may be held responsible for injuries and damages that occurred as a result of the Orange County bike accident.

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