Important Motorcycle Facts You Should Know

motorcycle accident attorney orange county, motorcycle accident lawyer orange countyMotorcycles have the same rights on the road as any other motor vehicle. It is important for all motor vehicles on the road to be aware and courteous of others on the road, regardless of their vehicle. For those who are experienced motorcycle drivers and those who are not, it is equally important to know the following motorcycle facts:

  • All states require a motorcycle license or a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license to operate a motorcycle on the highway, as driving a car and driving a motorcycle differ greatly. The two are not to be treated equally. The control of both differs to a great degree and each requires different skill sets. A person who is considered a good driver of a car is not necessarily going to be skillful at driving a motorcycle.
  • Riding a motorcycle is more tiring than driving a car for many reasons. A motorcycle requires a lot more balance, muscle control and movement from the driver. Driving a motorcycle is more strenuous on the body and results in the driver getting tired faster.
  • Motorcycles are more difficult to see than a car when on the road as they are smaller overall. This can effect whether they are hidden from another driver’s vision on the road. Their speed is more difficult to judge than automobiles’ too, as their movement is unlike that of a car. This can negatively affect the decision a driver may make to pass or follow a motorcycle.
  • The leading cause of death in motorcycle crashes is head injuries. If you are a motorcycle driver, a helmet that meets the Federal Safety Standard is your best protection from head injury. Make sure the motorcycle helmet fits snuggly. It should not be easily removed by lifting it off from the back of the head.

As a driver of any vehicle, it is important to be aware of these facts and smart on the road. If you have any questions about motorcycle safety, please give me a call at 949-496-7000. I am happy to answer any questions you may have.