How To Stay Safe During A Long Commute

How To Stay Safe During A Long Commute, Texting And DrivingLiving in Orange County does not necessarily mean short commutes. Living in south Orange County but working in North Orange County could lead to a 2-hour daily commute. Traffic and poor weather conditions can add even more time onto to an already grueling commute. More time spent on the road leads to a greater potential of getting into a fender bender or a more serious accident. That’s not counting all of those drivers who commute to Los Angeles from Orange County – roughly 200,000 commuters per day!

Here are some tips to keep you safer while you commute.

Don’t Eat And Drive

It’s not easy leaving your house with ample time to get to work while predicting traffic trends. Eating while driving may seem like you are saving time but in reality it is a huge distraction and could lead to an accident making you way late to work. Eat in the parking lot once you arrive to work or make time in your morning routine to fit in breakfast.

Remember The Basics

Check all of your mirrors and glance over your shoulder before changing lanes. You learn this rule back in high school while prepping for your driver’s license test. But we are all guilty of quickly looking in our rearview mirror before hurriedly changing lanes. Commuters have to stay the most focused and cannot afford to get lazy, so sit up straight and check those mirrors.

Put Your Phone Away

Cell phone use is a major cause of car accidents. One simple way you can avoid the urge to check your phone whenever you hear a notification is to put it in your purse, briefcase or glove compartment. Texting while sitting in traffic is so tempting but definitely not worth the consequences. Here are some additional tips specifically for keeping teenagers safe on the road.

Listen To A Book On Tape

To help keep you focused on the road you can listen to a book on tape or something soothing to calm your mind and focus on one thing: driving safely to your destination.

These simple tips can save your life and save you from putting someone else’s life at risk. Make a promise to yourself in this New Year to be a less distracted driver and focus on making it to and from work safely.

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