How to Prevent Orange County Rear-End Accidents from Occurring

Rear-end crashes are very common. According to the National Safety Council, there are approximately 2.5 million rear-end accidents annually. Although not every rear-end collision in Orange County can be prevented, there are some things you can do as a driver to help avoid becoming a victim of a rear-end crash. There are also tips that you can follow in order to avoid rear-ending another car on a Southern California freeway.


To avoid being rear-ended, drivers need to:

  • Drive defensively;
  • Signal before changing lanes or turning so that drivers behind you know your intentions;
  • Make sure your brake lights work properly;
  • Drive the speed limit, as driving too slowly can cause a road hazard;
  • Look in your rear view mirror often to determine if a car is following you too closely;
  • Change lanes or pull over if another driver is tailgating you.


To avoid rear-ending another car on the road, drivers need to:

  • Focus on the road – don’t text or participate in distracted driving behaviors;
  • Watch not only the car directly in front of you, but also the way traffic is moving beyond the vehicle in front of you;
  • Do not drive aggressively;
  • Keep a safe distance from the car you are following – do not tailgate.


Rear-end accidents can cause serious neck and back injuries, as well as other severe injuries. If you or anyone in your family has suffered injuries in a rear-end crash in Mission Viejo or anywhere in Southern California, please call an experienced Mission Viejo car crash attorney at the Law Offices of John P. Burns. We will provide you with a free legal consultation so you can find out more about your rights. Call us at (877) 320-1338 today.


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