How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring the right personal injury attorney to represent you is very important. Choosing the right attorney means you have a better chance of being compensated for your injuries. Choosing the wrong attorney can mean wasting a lot of time and not getting the outcome you want.

how to choose the right personal injury attorneyWhen you are searching for a personal injury attorney to represent you, be sure to follow these steps.

Talk to several attorneys about your case

Most personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation to help you determine if you have a case and what options you have. Talking to several attorneys will help you learn more about what needs to be done and will help you get a better idea of how each works with their clients. As you do, be sure to ask them if they have handled cases similar to yours in the past.

Ask them how much they think the case is worth

After knowing a little bit about the case, an attorney should be able to give you a ballpark on what they think a potential settlement could be. If two of them say the same amount while the third says an amount much higher, there is a good chance the attorney with the higher estimate is trying to entice you by promising you more money that might not be attainable.

Ask who will be handling the case

Be sure to know who your primary contact will be. Is it going to be the attorney you are talking to? Will it be another attorney in the office? Maybe it will be a paralegal? Be sure to meet and talk with the person who will be your primary contact so you can be sure you feel comfortable communicating with that person.

Ask how long the case will take

Be sure to get a timeline of when they plan on starting on the case and how long they expect it to last. Obviously, there are a lot of variables involved, but knowing when they will get started is important.

Choose based on the information you have

Once you have met with each attorney and have asked them questions about your case, be sure to evaluate the information you have from each and make a decision with that information. If you don’t feel comfortable with one attorney, don’t use them. It’s important that you feel like you will get the service you deserve and can communicate easily with your personal injury attorney.

Not all personal injury attorneys are created equal, so be sure to do your homework to find the right one for you.

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