How Parents Can Help Keep Teen Drivers Safe and Lessen OC Car Crashes

We have all been either a distracted driver or a passenger in the car of a distracted driver at one point or another. Although we know that distracted driving is wrong, sometimes we don’t realize that we are taking part in it. Behaviors such as grooming ourselves in the mirror or eating and drinking while driving are forms of distracted driving.

Older, more experienced drivers may be able to recognize the signs of distracted driving and do something about it before it leads to an Orange County car crash. However, teenagers are the ones who are leading in the statistics for distracted driving, since they do not have experience behind the wheel.

How can we keep teenagers safe?

Recently, Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Bernard and Dr. David Sabet gave a presentation at Aliso Niguel High School on how parents can help keep their teenagers safe behind the wheel. Sadly, Dr. Sabet lost his daughter in an Orange County car crash when she was only 16. The statistics show that the leading causes of teen accidents are speed, distraction, and inexperience. These three things are what cause approximately 65% of teen traffic deaths.

Teenagers should always turn off cell phones while driving, wear seatbelts, limit the number of teen passengers in the car, and decrease distractions so that the task at hand – driving – is the main focus. Parents need to talk to their children about these dangers and what they are allowed to do and not do when behind the wheel.

Also, parents of teenage drivers in Orange County should give teens a curfew and occasionally smell their breath and clothes to find out if they are smoking marijuana or drinking. If anything seems suspicious, make sure that you open up a line of communication with your son or daughter to explain the dangers of those behaviors. Any one of these behaviors could lead to an Aliso Viejo or Mission Viejo car crash, which could lead to death.

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