How Dangerous is Riding a Motorcycle in Orange County?

Motorcycle riding has remained popular in California and across the country because of the freedom it provides. Riders enjoy the feel of the open air and the sense of adventure. In addition, drivers commuting to work between Orange County and Los Angeles are able to cut their commute time in half by driving a motorcycle..

However, the perks of riding a motorcycle should not diminish the riskiness of the activity, whichrisky activity that can often leads to motorcycle accidents. The following National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) statistics from 2008 indicate the dangers of riding a motorcycle in Southern California and nationwide.The statistics shown are for the 2008 year nationwide, according to the

  • Around 5,290 motorcycle drivers died in accidents.
  • About 96,000 motorcycle drivers sustained injuries in crashes.

These statistics are astonishing. If you ride, make sure you are exercising great caution and protecting your right to ride. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by motorist negligence, distracted driving, and drivers not paying attention to motorcyclists. typical m Motorcycle accidents occur in Southern California in such situations as:

  • A driver of a vehicle attempts to make a left-hand turn and does not see the motorcycle driving straight.
  • A driver of a vehicle is switching lanes on the freeway and does not see the motorcycle next to it or approaching from behind.

If drivers of passenger vehicles would be more aware of motorcycles on the road, then the streets would be a safer place for motorcycle drivers to ride. However, motorcyclists also need to abide by the rules of the road. If drivers of both cars and motorcycles respect each other, then they can try to avoid accidents, which can result in head trauma, spinal cord injury, broken bones, and traumatic brain injury. Wearing the proper helmet and safety gear also can help lower a motorcycle driver’s chance of injury or fatality.

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