Holiday Safety Tips

happy child opening presents, tips for buying safe toys for children, persona injury lawyer orange countyFor many people, the holidays are really special. Whether it be the time off from work, getting together with family, or celebrating a special holiday, there can be a lot that is good. However, this time of year also brings an added layer of dangers if you aren’t careful. Here are a few things to look out for this holiday season.


Hanging lights on your house, inside your house and on your tree is a time-honored tradition for many people. However, it’s important to put up and manage those lights to avoid starting fires. When you hang your lights, be sure to not link too many strings of lights together. Instead, use extension cords to power as many individual strands as possible. Additionally, turn off your lights if you are not at home. This is especially true for lights on your tree. A small spark can cause your tree to turn into a large fire.

Tree Safety

In addition to turning the lights off that are strung on your tree, be sure you get as fresh a tree as possible. The longer it has been since the tree has been cut, the more flammable it is. In addition, be sure to keep the water in your stand topped off. The more access your tree has to water, the less flammable it is. Lastly, be sure to keep any open flames away from trees. Don’t place your tree near a fireplace and keep all candles far away from the tree.


Many people travel during the holidays. Because of this it’s important to be extra defensive. Because there are so many people traveling, the people on the road will be less familiar with where they are driving. This could be you too – if you are in an area you don’t drive in on a regular basis, you have a higher chance of getting into an accident.

While you can’t prevent all accidents from happening, you can do your part to significantly reduce the chance that an accident will happen because of something you did (or failed to do).

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