Attorney John P.Burns recently settled the cases of a young married couple named Greg and Diane (real names changed for privacy). They were on the 91 freeway ibetween Riverside and Orange County on their way to a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim baseball game.  As they slowed for stop and go traffic they were rear ended by a young girl driving behind them. The husband suffered injuries to his neck, back and the labrum of his shoulder. The wife suffered injuries to her neck and back. They treated with a chiropractor but were still symptomatic on discharge.  Attorney Burns referred them to a chiropractic specialist who took motion X rays of their necks. These X rays showed that the ligaments of their necks had been stretched. Mr. Burns then referred them for a special medical treatment called Prolotherapy. In this treatment a physician injects a solution into the stretched ligaments to promote regrowth of the damaged ligaments.  Both the husband and wife reported an immediate reduction of symptoms after having the Prolotherapy. Then, at a Mediation with the other driver’s insurance company, attorney Burns settled the case for the husband for the insurance policy limits of the at fault driver.  He then settled the iwife’s case for a large amount bur slightly less because she did not also suffer a shoulder injury. The young husband and wife were very satisfied with the size of the settlements.

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