Helmets Help Prevent Brain Damage in O.C. Motorcycle Crashes

In California, motorcycle riders have to wear helmets according to the law. A helmet keeps the motorcycle operator safe if or when a motorcycle accident occurs. Even though riding in the open air can be exhilarating, motorcycle drivers in California need to wear helmets.

A helmet can help protect a motorcycle rider’s head in a crash. Traumatic brain injury, head trauma, brain damage, and facial trauma can occur when a rider does not wear a proper helmet.is not wearing tproper helmet

The characteristics of a safe motorcycle helmet include:would include the following aspects:

Full face helmet – A full face helmet is safe and effective for high speeds. Never wear a bicycle helmet or other incorrect helmet when operating a motorcycle. A full face helmet will protect a rider’s chin and other areas that other helmets don’t protect in an O.C. motorcycle crash.

Type of helmet shell – The outer shell of the helmet should be cast in one piece. It could be made out of fiberglass or a polycarbonate mixture. However, fiberglass offers more sturdiness and high impact resistance.

Safety liner – The inner liner is the most important part of the motorcycle helmet. Do not remove this to make the helmet cooler. The liner is made out of EPS, which absorbs the energy from an impact.

Chin strap – Do not buy a helmet with a lever system. Instead, look for the double “D” ring or the quick release chin strap. Also, make sure that the chin strap is not too long so that it does not flap in the wind and create a distraction.

Proper fit – If the helmet seems too heavy or too tight, do not purchase it. Try others on, and buy one that feels comfortable.

Safety ratings – Look for the DOT symbol on the helmet. This indicates that the helmet meets the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Not wearing the proper helmet can increase a motorcycle driver or passenger’s chance of being seriously injured in a Southern California motorcycle crash. Wearing the proper helmet can prevent catastrophic injuries to the head, neck, and spine. Motorcycle accidents in Orange County are often serious in nature and can lead to brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, and even death. Do yourself a favor and wear a full face helmet at all times in order to help alleviate brain damage in case of an accident.

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